TYLER - Jean Gui Petrie made a wide left turn on Troup from Loop 323 and he had no idea what happened afterwards. He wasn't aware his truck flipped over until he noticed his windshield was broken.

"As the road dipped it caught me by surprise," Petrie said. "Before I knew it I was on my side."

It's a tricky intersection for any driver but what about the professionals? Many know what it takes to earn a driver's license, but what does it mean for truck drivers? The career trucking school in Tyler said students have to earn a commercial driver's license. In order to obtain a permit, one must: pass four in-class tests, in a two week training course while completing 160 hours.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said once a driver passes a test, the state hold them liable of being a professional on the road.

"They wouldn't be able to obtain the CDL without demonstrating both skills and the knowledge," said Sergeant Jean Dark.

Training to obtain a CDL permit will change in September. The state will require students to undergo a four week training course.