LONGVIEW - These baseball players are known to show off their talents when they were on the 1952 American All Stars. The time spent on the diamond made them living legends in East Texas. Andy Malone and Billy Coley have retired but their legacy and friendship carried on.

Before it was dirt being leveled, Longview Christian School baseball head coach Tiny Miller said his team needed a new diamond. With the help of Longview high school alumni, they started the process of creating a new base ball field for LCS, the Eagles.

Longview will the home of the new 'Coley Malone Field'.

"They were dedicated to teaching kids how to play baseball," Miller said.

Coley and Malone always wanted a baseball field for kids in Longview. Coley's daughter Carla Matthews said the diamond is proud moment for her and her family. At the same time, it's bitter-sweet.

"This would be the most exciting moment for him but he has alzheimer so he doesn't know it," Matthews said.

Like everyone else, Matthews said she can't wait to see the finished product.

"Something that's gonna be here for years to come, something that my son can play on," Matthews said.

It costs 160 thousand dollars for the project to be finished. About 40 thousand has been raised so far. Miller's goal is to see the Coley Malone field finished by February of 2017.