Bob Davis took in a stray dog, nurtured him back to health but expressed how he doesn't want to get attached. He said it's not good for dogs to live in his neighborhood. Davis used to have a family of dogs; Babe, Dude and Davey.

"Babe would never leave the house," Davis said. "Dude, I'd take him for a walk, he was always on a leash."

Unfortunately, Babe and Dude are dead. Davis said someone poisoned them. Dr. Gary Spence, a veterinarian in Tyler, said it was anti-freeze. Davey was shot, but he's still alive, thanks to Spence.

"[Anti-freeze is] Usually more than 50 percent fatal if you can't get to it in time and it's a miserable miserable death," Dr. Spence said. "They just about blew his [Davey's] leg off with a shotgun.

For nearly 10 years, Davis and the K-9's he's rescued were inseparable. He said someone from his neighborhood must have done it, so they could steal paving equipment from his property. No one has been arrested. A report by a Smith County Deputy said in part:

"Due to their being no specific crime and no leads, Deputy believes this report is for documentation only."

Still, Davis isn't giving up. He has a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Davis is too afraid to bring Davey, the dog that was shot, back home. Doctor Spence said he's healthy and up-to-date with shots and he's up for adoption.