It was supposed to be a regular day of school at the Kilgore College, but it didn't turn out that way. Everett Majors, a student at the college said he was instructed to return to his dorm room when the college was on lockdown. Major said he's never been a situation where a shooting was nearby the college.

"I was like, whoa, out on a college campus?" Majors said. "That's crazy."

The Kilgore Police was originally responding to a disturbance call at the 900 block of South Street. When they arrived, two people were found with gunshot wounds to the stomach and leg. Police believe the suspect ran away after the shooting. KPD's spokesperson, Roman Roberson said the department believes they've identified the suspect.

"We'll probably be seeking a warrant shortly and locating him and making an arrest," Roberson said.

Neighbors declined to talk on camera, but told CBS 19, a large group was around and a fight broke out before multiple shots were fired. Since the incident was so close, churches around had to close and the college had to quickly send students indoors.

Police have started an investigation and Majors said he's not too concerned since the shooting. KPD released a statement saying the shooting victims are recovering at a Longview hospital.