Morris Austin spent years wanting to get a new house for his wife and he can rest easier now that's accomplished. He and his wife stayed at his previous home since the 1970's. Now they're staying in a new three bedroom and one bathroom house.

"I see a beautiful home here and I'm proud of it," Austin said. "A blessing, its really was a blessing."

For Lutrecia Medford, words can't express how it feels to have a new home. Something she can provide for her son. Medford describes her new home as a blessing.

"I want to cry, but thank God," Medford said.

Making a repairs to their old homes are thing of the past. Austin was dealing with floor issues at his previous home and Medford's roof was coming down. The two qualified for a home fund through the city of Troup and Texas Department of Housing and Affairs. Suzanne Loudamy works with the city and she said the grants that are available each year for different amounts of money. Loudamy said the city council is something they want to be involved in. Only a select few can be chosen for it, it's an application process.

Applicants must be homeowners, be current on their taxes, income eligible and their house must be in disrepair. This year, the city received a $85,000 grant, which was enough to help Austin and Medford.