Bullard High School played host to an open house Tuesday night, so community members could learn about a construction project that's set to have a large impact.

"It's definitely going to increase traffic around me. I've obviously got 69 that drives right in front of me, but now this will bring all the 2493 traffic right there beside me," said John Beasley, owner of Camp Davis Stone and Grass.

Beasley's business is located on the south intersection of FM 2493. He says he's torn. The project is good for business, but not so much for his home.

"We'll loose a lot of privacy. So, just trying to work that out with them to see what we can do to increase our privacy once this is completed."

The proposal is expected to ease traffic and improve safety. The plan is to widen the road, creating a four lane highway with a center lane for left turns.

Deputy District Engineer Vernon Webb says TxDOT will try to accommodate people as much as possible.

"We will take comments again tonight and try to make any other changes we can to try and minimize this project, or to minimize the impacts to the public as much as we can," Webb said.

The project is expected to make things easier, but some residents are not convinced.

Flint resident Felonda Prince's home will be one of the project's casualties. Despite the early notice, she says there are some things to precious to be replaced.

"When you buy your home, you start thinking about all the holidays you spend with your children and what school district your going to have to move to, so it's a bit overwhelming," Prince said.

TxDOT officials rate the estimated cost between $60- $80 million and they're hoping to start construction by 2021.