While many East Texans battled the winter weather, one Tyler church will have to overcome a different challenge.

Members of the Abundant Life Ministries Church showed up for a normal service on January 14, only to find their sanctuary destroyed.

When they walked in, member Darrion Thompson said the building was completely flooded.

He showed CBS19 the damage. Ceiling tiles covered the floor, and electrical wires hanging everywhere.

Thompson said the damage wasn't his main concern. Instead, it was his mom, the pastor of the church.

"It was heartbreaking," Thompson said. "I didn't want to tell her. Didn't want to show her. I was trying to think of ways to fix the building myself."

Janice Thompson has been the pastor at the church for nearly a decade. She hasn't figured out how the church was damaged, but is blaming it on the winter weather causing a pipe to freeze and burst in the building.

"It's like a tornado had come through," Pastor Thompson said. "You don't expect to come into a flooded sanctuary or flooded church."

Pastor Thompson said the repairs could cost up to $20,000 in clean up, but they plan to repair the church.

"We're going to make it through," Pastor Thompson said. "It's going to be better, so I want them to hold on, because God said he would never leave us."

If you want to help out, the church has a GoFundMe page.