Tyler City Council approved a special use permit, on Wednesday, for the operation of a private community center.

The permit was granted to Dr. Dometrius Hill, dean of academic success at Tyler Junior College. Hill says he wants to build the community center to give children a place to go after school.

"What we try to do is work with kids in an after-school program, to boost their reading, to boost their math and teach them a foreign language," said Hill.

Managing Director of Planning and Economic Development, Heather Nick, says the center will be an asset to the community.

“He's proposing various types of programs including martial arts, not only for children but for their parents, anti-bullying programs and those are all excellent programs for children," said Nick.

Nick says looking forward, Hill will have to present formal plans before he can get a permit to start building.

At this time, it is unknown when the project is expected to be completely finished.