Mexico City was jolted by an 8.1 earthquake in 1985, killing more than 10,000 people. On that same day 32 years later, the city is rocked by another with a magnitude of 7.1.

The news of the destruction hasn't been easy for one East Texan. Juan Yanez has yet to hear from his family who lives there.

"It's difficult to see other people struggle," Yanez said. "It's just a matter of time when you know you also have family members that could be suffering."

Officials said it is believed to be the deadliest earthquake in Mexico since 1985. This, after another quake struck the country less than two weeks earlier. It's difficult for Yanez to see other people struggle; however, he can only imagine what his family is going through.

"It's a difficult time of not knowing, uncertainty," Yanez said.

Despite the destruction, he's heartened by the sight of people who are helping each other. Until he hears from his family, all he can do is wait.