Students at Bonner Elementary school celebrated Red Ribbon Week on Tuesday by saying "peace out" to drugs.

It's part of a nationwide prevention program, shedding light on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, violence and tobacco.

Bonner counselor Lauren Boyd said it starts early.

"In Kindergarten, we focus a lot on making smart choices. How to keep our bodies healthy," she said.

She showed classes household cleaners, talking about what's poisonous for them. With Halloween right around the corner, she also talked about the dangers of candy with wrappers and without.

Boyd said they don't make mention of drug use until second grade.

"Some drugs are prescribed by the doctors, and those help our bodies, versus illegal drugs that can potentially harm our bodies," she said.

While teaching kids about drugs around 10 years old may seem shocking to some parents, Boyd said her students are aware of more than you'd think.

"If they are educated about different types of drugs and how they hurt your body, they are less likely to use them," she said.