The Las Vegas shooting has many asking questions about hotel security policies. That's because gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, was able to hide 23 guns in his hotel room.

With the Rose Festival coming up, thousands of guests are expected to flood local hotels.

“During that month around a hundred thousand people come to see the roses and to go to the Rose Festival,” said Holli Fourniquet, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Tyler.

Most hotels have a ‘see something, say something’ protocol for employees but Scott Joslove, President and CEO of the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association, says that policy may not be enough.

“During a city wide event or maybe a huge gathering with a lot of people there, it may warranted to look at whether or not a DND or do not disturb policy should be altered for those types of events,” said Joslove.

He said every hotel has the right to enter a room for security purposes even if the ‘do not disturb’ sign is up. He also said The State of Texas does not have security requirements for lodging businesses and security policies vary from property to property.

Forniquet said, here in Tyler, the local lodging association meets regularly to discuss guest safety and help properties prepare for various situations. Part of that preparation includes working with local law enforcement.

“They’ve all been trained by the Tyler Police Department on what to do in the case of an active shooter,” said Forniquet.

She said every year extra precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all those who attend the Rose Festival.

“You may not notice it because it’s behind the scenes but there’s always security and there’s never been an incident at the Rose Festival,” said Forniquet.