In response to the recent closure of the YMCA in Tyler, Tyler ISD is offering after school enrichment opportunities for families affected.

TISD says that the plans for these services were developed to meet the enrollment and participation needs of each affected campus.

Jones and Peete elementary schools will offer temporary after school programs for children in kindergarten through fifth grade every day until 6 p.m..

Because enrollment is limited in those campuses, the program will only last until Friday, November 16.

The District that providing the temporary programs, parents will have enough time to make more permanent arrangements for their children.

Andy Woods Elementary will also continue their after school care program through the end of the school year.

For students in kindergarten through fifth grade, the Boys and Girls Club will provide after school care.

Tyler ISD will provide Pre-K after school programs.

Both Pre-K and kindergarten through fifth grade programs are based on tuition and will cost the same amount of money as the YMCA would charge.

For more information, contact each campus' front offices.