Tyler Police are preparing people on how to handle active shooter situations.

Police say these events can happen anywhere and anytime so it's important to be ready.

The class featured scenes of active shooter reenactments to help people see what to do from the moment it starts to the end.

Focusing on the importance of calming yourself, figuring out how to escape, and even barricading yourself helps your chances of surviving.

Police say the average time it takes for them to respond is three minutes, within that time every action someone does counts toward surviving the attack.

While the chance of an active shooter situation happening may be small, Harmon says she is ready to protect herself and classmates against this threat.

"I'm able to understand what exactly to do now, and be more aware of surroundings,” Harmon says.

Tyler Police are hosting another class on February 24th at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Loop 323.