An ETMC paramedic thought a Tyler police officer was bluffing when he said he'd bring an older woman a cold Big Red if she went to the hospital to get evaluated. That was not the case, however, as the officer kept his promise and brought a cold Big Red to the hospital.

The Tyler Police Department called EMS after they found the woman scooting around on the floor because she didn't have the strength to stand up during welfare check at her home, according to a post to on the police department's social media page.

As much as they encouraged her to go to the hospital, she still refused.

She told them that all she wanted was a Big Red to drink and she would be fine.

The post went on to say that most police officers would leave once EMS arrive. Sgt. Zack Noble and Officer Charles Johnson stuck around and Noble helped convince the woman to go to the hospital with the promise that he would get her a Big Red.

The paramedic who posted the story thanked Noble for his kind gesture of a Big Red and keeping his word to the woman.