Update: As of Friday afternoon, Tyler Salvation Army has moved to standby for Hurricane Matthew Relief. Community and Public Relations Coordinator Lindsey Galabeas says they were prepared to go, but dispatch stopped them.

For the seventh time, Bridgette Moya, has been sent to disaster relief areas. Friday morning her unit at The Salvation Army of Tyler, received the call to head down to Florida, for Hurricane Matthew relief.

'If we can help even the hundreds of people that we serve then that is what it is all about," Salvation Army Disaster Specialist Bridgette Moya said.

This is the first time Moya has been to a disaster area outside the state.

"I'm hoping to see mostly relief .an opportunity to see people get back to a normal situation, from where they are there's no way, of really accessing until we get there," Moya said.

Along with other disaster relief specialists, they spent the day preparing for the trip. loading up a mobile kitchen with lots of food.

"We've been asked to bring 1,500 meals with us things like rice, beans, things that are going to be high energy, and help those who we are serving," Salvation Army of Tyler Community and Public Relations Coordinator Lindsey Galabeas said.

The group left this afternoon on a non stop 12 hour drive to Starke, FL which is right outside of Jacksonville, FL.

"We might be in a neighborhood, in a place where we might be more hands on with people and they will need that emotional and spiritual care," Moya said.

The Salvation Army needs your help with monetary donations, and anything you give will help with Hurricane Matthew. To donate visit click here.