It's time to party and residents are encouraged to call the cops. Tyler police are encouraging neighborhoods to have a party and get to know the people in their community.

Residents and businesses across the city have planned and scheduled over 70 block parties for the annual Texans Against Crime event.

"It's a way to unite neighbors," said Tyler Police Community Response Officer James McCraw. "The block parties are an informal and enjoyable time to talk and socialize."

The annual event is Tyler's version of National Night Out and is held on the second Tuesday of October. Tyler Police Department officials will visit the parties taking place across the city.

"Sometimes, people are working and there isn't a lot of time to go out and get to know the neighbors," McCraw said. "This is a way for existing neighbors to get reacquainted and an opportunity to meet new neighbors."

Tammy Jett, general manager of Mediterranean Homes, said the theme of her block parties will be Paws Against Crime. She has partnered with the SPCA and Pets Fur People to have a pet display and photo booths. Residents of the town home communities will be able to play outdoor games and enjoy free food and snacks.

"Nobody is immune to crime," Jett said "We're really passionate about getting to know and interact with neighbors. This is a great resource for people to get an understanding about how to report crime. It also gets our residents acquainted with the police department so we can work with them to help the community."

Jett will be having a block party for her five town home communities from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Townhomes at Hamilton Ridge, 915 E. Grande Ave.

All other block parties coordinated through the Tyler Police Department are scheduled to run from 6 to 9 p.m.

For more information about Texans Against Crime, contact the Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1096.

Texans Against Crime block parties include:

North Dargan Avenue, 1427 N. Dargan Ave.

Glenwood Boulevard, 1810 N. Glenwood Blvd.

Glass Avenue, 2605 N. Glass Ave.

Staley Drive, 2806 Staley Dr.

MacArthur Street, 2110 MacArthur St.

Lakeview Apartments, 3650 N. Broadway Ave.

Rose Valley Apartment Homes, 1007 N NW Loop 323

Cecil Avenue, 2800 Cecil Ave.

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission, 601 E. Valentine St.

Liberty Arms Apartments, 2601 N. Broadway Ave.

Tyler City Municipal Courts, 813 N. Broadway Ave.

Fred's, 1803 E. Gentry Parkway

The Foundry, 202 S. Broadway Ave.

La Michoacana, 310 N. Beckham Ave.

Towne Oaks Townhomes, 4001 Old Bullard Road

Towne Oaks Apartments, 3900 Old Bullard Road

The Cascades, 3837 Putting Lane

Pine Creek Townhomes, 3304 Old Noonday Road

Greater Shiloh Baptist Church, 2515 W. Shaw St.

The Oaks Apartments, 1208 E. Houston St.

Dennis Drive, 1623 Dennis Drive

Dodge Street, 519 Dodge St.

Debby Lane, 2231 Debby Lane

Tyler Junior College, 1200 S. Baxter Ave.

Catherine Booth Apartments, 602 Golden Road

William Booth Apartments, 601 Golden Road

Windomere Circle, 414 Windomere Circle

Rose Height Church, 2120 Old Omen Road

Pollard Drive, 1025 Pollard Drive

Salado Apartments, 6003 Old Bullard Road

Plantation Drive, 5709 Plantation Drive

Paloma Street, 600 Paloma St.

Hallye Lane, 4807 Hallye Lane

Dorchester Drive, 615 Dorchester Drive

The Establishment, 5415 Old Bullard Road

Raintree Village, 325 Raintree Drive

The Woodlands Apartments, 400 Old Grande Blvd.

Chadwick Place, cul-de-sac at Brighton Court

Hunter Glen Apartments, 5100 Sweetbriar Lane

Stonebrook Apartments, 5058 Paluxy Drive

Alpine Creek Apartments, 4400 Paluxy Drive

Meadowbrook Apartments, 4600 Paluxy Drive

Broadmoore Court, 3870 Broadmoore Court

Ponderosa Trail, 4720 Ponderosa Trail

Asbury Court, 5411 Ashbury Court

Picadilly Place, 1811 Picadilly Place

Atlanta Avenue., 5209 Atlanta Ave.

Genesis Corporation, 5800 Paluxy Drive

Copeland Woods on Oak Garden Circle

Edinburgh Village Townhomes, 915 E. Grande Blvd.

Woods Subdivision I and II, 3204 Lake Forest Drive

Wood Trail Apartments, 1909 Shiloh Road

Williamsburg Village, Gloucester Drive

The Ridge at Tyler Apartments, 4800 Paluxy Drive

Ashmore Lane, 6621 Ashmore Lane

Tyler Police Department, Faulkner Park Police Station, 571 W. Cumberland Road

Telco Plus Credit Union, 7395 S. Broadway Ave.

Calumet Drive, 7028 Calumet Drive

Brookside Village, 400 Thigpen Drive

Townhomes at Cumberland Park, 413 W. Cumberland Drive

Swann Furniture, 7328 Old Jacksonville Highway

Wilder Way, 418 Wilder Way

Joel Drive, 817 Joel Drive

Prestige Estates, 6928 Paluxy Drive

Pam Drive, 800 block of Pam Drive

First Crossing, 210 First Crossing

Oxford Drive, 8322 Oxford Drive

Cavender’s Boots, 7820 S Broadway Ave.

Townhomes at Hamilton Ridge, 915 E. Grande Blvd.

Guinn Farms, 2555 Meadowland Court

Guinn Farms, 8167 Karen Drive