The president of the Tyler Soccer Association(TSA) proposed a counter-offer to the Tyler City Council on field fee increases.

The TSA is currently paying $350 per field, per season. Under the proposed city budget this would increase to $2,000. This increase would make player fees double.

Randy Hill would like to gradually increase the cost.

"Our proposal would be for the spring 2018 season to double that (field) fee to $700 per field, per season. We(TSA) feel that with that 100% increase that TSA can absorb the cost and not have to pass it along to our members."

Hill also proposed the field fee can increase to $1,000 in the fall 2018 season at the start of the fiscal year.

With the increase in fall 2018, membership fees will most like lt increase, but they will not double like they will if the original budget is passed.