Thousands of NFL players have been kneeling or locking arms during the singing of the national anthem. It's their way to protest recent comments made by President Trump, but "Where’s Rufus Sports Bar" in Tyler says those protests could affect business.

"If people don't come in to watch football, that would have a huge effect on business," said Jessica Beasley, a bartender.

She says Sundays draw in a huge football crowd. "One of our busiest days, we do a Sunday brunch every morning just to get everyone in and get them ready for the games and get something to eat. We usually stay pretty busy throughout the day."

Football has always been one of America's favorite pasttimes, but with the recent demonstrations some fans say they feel disappointed in the players.

"I don't think that the NFL players should use their position as a platform to protest in the matter that they have been," said Steve Sellers, a Steelers’ fan.

Beasley said she doesn't think it's enough to stop East Texans from cheering on their favorite teams.

"People look forward to football and although this is a big topic right now, I just don't think people will stop watching football," said Beasley.

Seller says he's not letting the sideline drama stop him from enjoying his favorite sport.

"It's a separation of the sport I love to watch and not getting caught up in the 'muck' that this created," Sellers stated.