Some parents are pulling their kids out of school, fearing for their children's safety at Robert E. Lee High School after allegations of a "hit list" with more than 200 names.

Parents said allegations of a student bringing a gun to school and opening fire at a pep rally this week, started last week.

Meredith Sunday is a parent who took her child out of school Thursday. She said the district is not taking the allegations seriously.

"I understand it's a big school, and it's going to take a lot to text or email all these people. But doing nothing? I have to hear about it from people that aren't even in this county? That's not okay with me," Sunday said.

Student Cayman Steele said he's not going to school Friday out of fear.

"I'm not going to go to school tomorrow, because I'm afraid of potentially being shot, my friends being shot. It's terrible," he said.

Steele's mother, Soledad Goodman, pulled her son out of school Thursday. She alerted the principal Tuesday about the allegations.

She describes his reaction.

"We have so many rumors that fly in and out everyday, we just don't have time to investigate every single rumor," she said.

That same day, a text went out to parents from the principal assuring the school would do their due diligence to protect students and faculty.

TISD sent a statement to CBS19 on Thursday.

"Tyler ISD takes any threats of potential harm to students and staff very seriously. Threats are investigated promptly and thoroughly. In this situation, Tyler ISD police department acted swiftly for the verbal false alarm."

TISD spokesperson, Dawn Parnell said the district is no longer actively investigating the allegations. She also said there will be no additional security at Friday's pep rally.