The city of Tyler's main water lines are buried underground and there is a good reason for that. It is constructed this way to protect them getting frozen during a cold snap. Although, days in East Texas have been colder than usual, Kevin Hukill who manages the water treatment facility in the city, said frozen lines haven't been an issue.

"We don't have trouble with that," Hukill said. "Our transmission lines are going to be typically buried at a depth that is sufficient to protect those lines from freezing."

In his 13 years working with the city, Hukill said he's not experienced a major line break because it was frozen. However, not every pipe is underground. Some of them are exposed aboveground and need to be insulated. Hukill said that's a quick fix.

"Most of our lines that are possibly going to freeze, it's not really going to affect our production in a really great manner," Hukill said.

While the city's responsibility is to keep an eye out for more than 30,000 customers, officials said they rely on the public to do their part. Hukill suggested homeowners should leave a faucet dripping water. He said moving water doesn't freeze as quickly as still water.

Winter will be around for till March. If one can tough the cold weather a bit longer, worrying about the possibility of a frozen pipe will be a thing of the past.