After the Tyler YMCA closed over the weekend, many are still wondering if they'll ever get the money back they've paid.

Tyler YMCA President and CEO Jeremy Bumgardner said there are many individuals that have prepaid for sports programs or memberships, and at this time he can't guarantee a refund for anyone.

CBS19 asked why the YMCA was taking money, even on the day of the announced closure.

Bumgardner said the organization was reaching out to other YMCA's in an attempt to find a partner to delay closure.

"We've lost locations. We've lost childcare. Our fundraising has been going down," he said.

He blames the sudden closure on the old facilities.

"In 2017, there are countless options for recreational fitness sport activity. The market has changed, and we aren't the only provider. I don't feel like we've changed with the times," he said.

Now, members are taking the heat.

"I pay month to month, so I'm out a minimal amount. It's the people that would buy a six month membership or a year's membership. They're out a lot of money," said Trace Adams, a member of nearly forty years.

Playing basketball, swimming laps in the pool and even teaching yoga, YMCA member Adams has done it all at the Tyler YMCA.

Just paying his membership fee of $35, Adams hopes he sees that money again.

Whitney Ward said her two kids have used the YMCA for two years because of affordable pricing, and she prepaid for six months of child care at $600.

She's not sure where to take her kids, or if she'll get her money back, saying she and her husband have a burden they didn't ask for.

The YMCA closes its child care on September 29 at 4:00 p.m.

The Boys and Girls Club in Tyler offers similar pricing for childcare. It costs $45 per child per week, which is the same as the non-member YMCA price.

Those with memberships are still able to use the Palestine and Corsicana YMCA's until their membership expires.