A teen critically injured from a jet ski accident on Lake Palestine in June starts rehab on Thursday. Tyler Haessley moves to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth on Thursday.

He was in critical condition after a jet skiing incident on Lake Palestine. He and his family from Joshua, south of Fort Worth, was vacationing in East Texas when his step brother attempted to splash him on a jet ski, causing a nearly fatal crash.

The accident happened on June 20, according to family members.

Tyler was airlifted to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, where a relative said he had two surgeries to stop the bleeding from his brain and blood clots.

With a broken forehead, a portion was removed to relieve pressure on the brain.

The incident happened during the blended family's third annual trip to Lake Palestine.

Shanna Campbell, Tyler's mother, said she can finally rest easy, knowing her son is recovering better than she ever expected.

"He's actually been discharged from physical therapy for the progress he's made," Campbell said.

Tyler tells CBS19 despite all his progress, the headaches still get him.

"Every day is a headache. There's 60 to 70 staples in my head," he said.

Anytime Tyler gets out of bed, even to use the restroom, he has to wear a helmet.

Even with all Tyler's been through, just looking around his hospital room, filled with "get well soon" cards, reminds him how thankful he is for the endless support.

"Glad they stand by me all this time," he said.