UPDATE: Gary Murphy pled guilty and was sentenced for the September 2015 murder of Arnold McCollaum on Friday.

According to the Gregg County District Attorney's Office, Murphy was found incompetent before his original trial date in December of 2016 and sent to a Rusk hospital.

Murphy came back to Gregg County in late 2017, with his trial set for Jan. 29, 2018.

He was sentenced to 45 years in prison and waived all rights to appeal.


A Kilgore man has been indicted on a murder charge in connection with a Sept. 4 stabbing at a Longview motel.

A Gregg County grand jury in the 124th District Court handed up an indictment for Gary Murphy, 52, of Kilgore, in the murder of Arnold McCollaum Jr.

McCollaum was found stabbed to death in a Longview motel. According to the arrest warrant, Murphy believed McCollaum, who was a maintenance worker at the motel, stole money from him.

Murphy allegedly borrowed a knife from his brother and used it to stab McCollaum, according to the arrest warrant.

McCollaum frequented Newgate Mission, and workers there said he was starting to turn his life to a more positive direction before his death.