New information on a UT Tyler fraternity accused of hazing.

CBS 19 received documents on Wednesday that shed new light on the hazing that led to the cancellation of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity from campus.

The incident was filed in the Fall of 2017 but it actually happened in Fall of 2016.

According to the documents, the pledges were given a quiz. If they answered a question wrong they did wall sits. At this point, a new member began seizing but the present members did not want to take him to the hospital. He was stabilized but then began seizing again. That's when they decided to take him to the hospital.

At another one of the organization's events the documents say there might have been underage drinking, drinking with pledges, and giving out bids early.

"They won't take the rules seriously until someone is dead." a member said in one of the incident reports.

At the end of the investigation Pi Kappa Phi was found responsible for hazing and failure to comply.

UT Tyler imposed the following sanctions against the organization:

  1. Pi Kappa Phi's registration is cancelled for two years, from September 5, 2017 through September 5, 2019. During this time, Pi Kappa Phi will not be permitted to meet on campus or conduct any activities on campus or in affiliation with UT Tyler.
  2. When Pi Kappa Phi registers after the suspension has expired, the organization will be on probation for 1 year. During that time, they will be required to complete additional sanctions...

Other documents were given to CBS 19 showing another hazing incident. This one involved the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

It happened in March of 2015. In the report it says there was an indication the fraternity posted information related to drug sales, nude pictures of women, and potential evidence of hazing.

The fraternity withdrew the chapter's charter almost 7 months later citing code of conduct violations.