UPDATE: Pineda was sentenced to life in prison and fined $10,000 in court on Friday evening.

He was found guilty Thursday for shooting at a deputy while riding in the passenger seat of a car that was fleeing law enforcement back in 2016.


UPDATE: Ricardo Pineda, a 33-year-old Tyler man has been found guilty of shooting a deputy while riding in the passenger seat of a car that was fleeing law enforcement.

Sentencing is scheduled for 4:20 Friday afternoon.


A man accused of shooting at a Smith County deputy in March 2016 left the AR-15 he used in a friend's vehicle before traveling to Arkansas with a family member, according to witnesses who testified in the case.

Ricardo Pineda, 33, is accused of shooting the deputy while riding in the passenger seat of a car that was fleeing law enforcement. He is standing trial in the 241st District Court for aggravated assault against a peace officer, a first-degree felony, and, if found guilty, could be sentenced to life in prison.

On Wednesday, a Smith County detective told the court at least 12 rounds were fired from the vehicle during the pursuit. Two rounds struck the deputy's patrol vehicle.

The detective said a .223-caliber round struck the passenger side mirror and a 7.62-mm round struck the grill and passed through the radiator hose and lodged into a metal rod underneath the steering column, inches from the deputy's body.

Witness Jose Luna testified he gave Pineda a ride to a local hotel and rented him a room after the shooting. He said he laughed when Pineda said he "shot the cops," but later realized it wasn't a joke when he went back to work and saw Pineda on the news.

Luna said he also realized Pineda left an AR-15 wrapped up in a coat in the back of his vehicle. Luna put it in a trash bag and stored it at a friend's property, according to testimony.

Saul Flores, who is a cousin of Pineda's wife, testified that he drove Pineda, his wife and children the seven hours to Arkansas where they planned on staying with Flores' brother.

Flores said Pineda told him he was being chased by someone because of a car deal that had gone bad.

Pineda's defense attorney wanted it noted that even though Flores had testimonial immunity he lied while testifying regarding his knowledge of Pineda's role in the shooting.

Pineda is being held in the Smith County Jail on bonds totaling $8 million. Jeremy Robinson, who testified in this case, and another defendant face the same charges. Their trial dates have not yet been set.

Prosecutors planned to call Deputy Corey Cameron, who Pineda is accused of shooting at, to the stand Thursday. Court will reconvene at 8:30 a.m.