UPDATE: According to the Van Police Department, police began their search for Hunter around 4 a.m. Thursday morning after they received a call about an abandoned vehicle on I-20.

When officers arrived to the scene on mile marker 543, they ran the abandoned vehicle's license plate and discovered it was stolen.

At around 7 a.m. the Van Police Department received another call about a possible carjacking and robbery at the Farmhouse Family Restaurant.

An employee of the restaurant told police that a man tried to steal her car and then ran away.

Officers caught up with Hunter at a car wash in Van and arrested Hunter, who gave police a relative's name at the time.

After police questioned Hunter, he began complaining about pain in his neck and other areas of his body.

Hunter was taken to a hospital in Tyler by police and after being treated, he managed to escape while still in handcuffs.

Police are still searching for Hunter at this time and he has not been located since shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

According to the Van Police Department, Hunter faces multiple charges including: Felony with a Firearm, Aggravated Robbery/Attempted Carjacking and Escape.

Cherokee County has a warrant for Hunter on an Aggravated Robbery charge. Officers from the Van Police Department are filing warrants with area judges today on those charges.

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UPDATE: The Tyler Police Department has identified the escaped inmate as 26-year-old Drashaydrian Montell Hunter.

Authorities are still searching for Montell.


UPDATE: According to Tyler Police, the escaped inmate was using a relative's identity when he was arrested.


UPDATE: Tyler Junior College has alerted their followers on Twitter about the inmate.


Officers from the Van Police Department are searching for an escaped inmate who fled from a Tyler hospital.

The inmate was in police custody Thursday morning after being involved in an accident.

Police say the inmate was then taken to a Tyler hospital where he escaped in handcuffs.

At this time, officers from the Van Police Department, Tyler Police Department, Smith County Constable's Office and the Smith County Sheriff's Office are searching for the inmate in Tyler.