An update to a story we first brought you in February.

The City of Tyler installed a crosswalk at the intersection of Shiloh Road and New Copeland Road on Sunday between 4:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., in front of Cumberland Academy Middle School.

In February, CBS19 spoke to Michael Wright, a parent who volunteered at the intersection every day helping students cross safely because there was no crosswalk. He's been doing this for seven months.

"Me just standing out here - I don't think anyone cared. But when it aired on the news, that made a big difference," Wright said.

After countless volunteer hours, he couldn't be happier to see these freshly painted white lines.

In a February statement from the City of Tyler's Traffic Engineering Department, discussion of a crosswalk at this specific intersection is nothing new.

Traffic, Planning and Development Services have been working with Cumberland Academy (CA) on this particular crosswalk and other CA generated pedestrian issues for years. Traffic has offered to train crossing guards, supplied by CA, free of charge. This offer was initially rejected by CA for years. Partially due to CA's new pre-school care facility, CA has recently agreed to participate and pay for the installation of this crosswalk. Once CA crossing guards are trained, a crosswalk will be installed. CA crossing guards will not be COT employees. Installing a mid-block crosswalk for elementary students without trained adult crossing guards is inherently unsafe. It is typical for developers, in this case CA, to pay for "improvements" resulting from their negative impact on traffic.

Cumberland Academy is paying for the crosswalk and pedestrian signal upgrades. The crossing guards are being provided by Cumberland Academy and these guards have received free training from the City.

A spokesperson for the city said it costs around $200 per person for crossing guard training.

"With that crosswalk there, now these kids can walk across the street safely," Wright said.

Testing it out for himself on Monday, he said he'll still be close by, just in case.

"I'll still be here. I'm not going to be far," Wright said. "I'll be right here watching these kids go across the street in the parking lot every day."

CBS19 reached out to Cumberland Academy multiple times to find out when a crossing guard will be trained and working, but they never responded.