GILMER - After months of consideration Judge Lauren Parish said she's done with the GOP. In a statement she released on Facebook the Judge said she watched the Republican nominee for President has made a mockery of the country.

"My beliefs and values and have been disenfranchised by the national party," Parish said. "Felt like it would violate my conscience to continue to be affiliated with the Republican party."

Judge Parish is now a Democrat and the second judge in Texas to leave the Grand Old Party. Switching from Republican to Democrat is a bold move to some people, however others said it's political suicide.

"My my values and beliefs are more important to me than popularity," Parish said. "They're more important to me than any political loyalty."

Upshur and Marion are 'Red' counties. Even though Parish changed her affiliation she says leaving the Republican party was not for political gain. Parish said she believes the her departure will not affect how politics is run in East Texas nor will it affect her re-election.

"I'll continue to do my job and work hard for the citizens up Upshur and Marion counties," Parish said. "And do my job independent of persuasion which is what judges are bound to do."

CBS 19 has not heard back from the Upshur county GOP about Judge Parish's departure.