Five months after tornadoes touched down in Van Zandt County, victims are still in need of relief as they rebuild their lives.

On Saturday, Vicki Ferguson picked out new clothes at a clothing drive sponsored by the Cabi Foundation.

“A lot of us tornado victims lost all pieces of clothing we owned and the Cabi Company has been very generous by providing clothing for us to pick up,” Ferguson said.

Bringing in racks of free clothing for victims to take home, Tammie Harp with the Cabi Company said that she knows how important the clothing drives have been.

“There were seven tornados here so it effected not just one part of our county,” Harp said.

Vicki said that charities have stepped up to the plate to provide help and that she enjoyed picking out new clothes.

“It’s kind of a shot in the arm that there is hope, so that is always good,” Ferguson said.