You may have heard about a woman in Van Zandt County who was cited for leaving tornado debris in her front yard. After all she and her family's been through, CBS19 wanted to verify if tornado debris citations could be issued within the county.

The answer is FALSE.

Van Zandt County Fire Marshal James Lehman said the home was given a citation for violating the health code, not because of tornado debris. In this case, the violations included furniture in the front yard and overgrown weeks.

"This notice and this citation would've been issued if this home would've been hit by the tornado, or not, in this condition," he said.

Lehman said there was some confusion.

Since the person who made the complaint mentioned "tornado debris," that ended up in the paperwork.

"We have to document a complaint, and this is the way we document it. We issue a citation notice. We take photographs, and we write out a case report," he said.

Lehman said Van Zandt County has not, and will not, issue a citation for tornado debris.

"We have not issued any notices or any citations to anyone who has been involved in the tornado," he said.


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