QUESTION: Does cold weather increase your appetite?


PROCESS: CBS19 fact checkers spoke with Krisiti Macher, a registered dietitian. She said people tend to eat close to 100 extra calories during the winter.

"That's what we would recommend in the beginning of pregnancy. Eat about 100-150 extra calories a day. That leads to healthy weight gain during pregnancy. It's the same concept," she said.

QUESTION: Does Vitamin C prevent you from getting sick?


PROCESS: Macher said taking Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. However, if you're already sick, taking it won't help you.

QUESTION: You shouldn't exercise in the cold.

ANSWER: False.

PROCESS: CBS19 fact checkers spoke with exercise specialist at East Texas Medical Center, Cassie Ebert.

"It's perfectly fine to exercise in the cold. Especially in East Texas," she said.

Ebert said the colder temps will also give you some extra endorphins and help you burn more calories.

QUESTION: You don't need to wear sunscreen in the winter.

ANSWER: False.

PROCESS: CBS19 fact checkers spoke with Melissa Whitus, FNP-C, at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic. She said you should wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher all year.

"Especially if you're vacationing where there's ice and snow. Ice and snow reflects more," she said.

QUESTION: Being in the cold gives you a cold.

ANSWER: False.

PROCESS: Whitus said to catch a cold, a person must come in contact with a bug or a germ.


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