VERIFY: Sources

--Miami-Dade Police Department (FL)

--Kent County Sheriff's Department (MI)

--Various web sources

A post being heavily circulated on Facebook indicates predators are using missing kids on the road to lure women into a vulnerable situations.

Here's the post:

The warning is that gang members are using children along the road to try to get women to come to a private residence to sexually assault them.

If true, it would be a heinous crime and a huge concern when human trafficking is a real issue. One sheriff's department, Colfax County, in Nebraska shared the message recently trying to warn citizens of this particular scheme.

One form of the message has the letter head of the Miami-Dade Police Department in Florida attempting to show how official it is. But is it?

We checked in with several local departments and nobody has indicated this kind of scenario has happened in West Michigan.

We can confirm our newsroom hasn't reported on any incidents of this nature although the post is being widely shared in our area.

The truth is various searches on the web indicate this particular message has been seen on social media for years going back to as early as 2005. This same message actually dates back to as early as 2010 or 2011.

It turns out, just within the last two weeks, the Miami-Dade Police Department issued a second warning about this particular message calling it a "hoax." That department has actually issued two warnings about it over the past six years because this was getting shared so much.

So after taking a look all the information available, we can verify this sexual assault warning is FALSE.

It's perhaps hard to believe people are still sharing it more than a decade after it originated. Deputies urge the public, though, to use caution if by some chance you are presented with this kind of situation to get the police involved immediately.