The viral video of the sixth grader helping to start the conversation of how to end bullying across Many East Texas schools.

Over the weekend, sixth grader Keaton Jones has become a viral sensation for having the courage to talk about being bullied.

He talks about having milk poured on him and ham put down his clothes at lunch. With thousands of views, he has gained attention from celebrities.

Through his courage, students and staff tell me it's helping to open doors to reporting bullies.

Eighth graders Manuel Lopez and Mariah Thompson tell me bulling isn't a problem at their school but they want all students to feel welcomed.

"If it was their first time trying, I would give them a chance and tell them to stop but if they continue to do then I would approach a teacher about it," 8th grader Mariah Thompson says.

Cindy Johnson is a Foster Middle School counselor and says the viral video is important to help kids understand bullying.

"People bully for all kinds of reasons, and the bottom line and something we spoke to the students earlier, we never know where that person's coming from," Johnson says

Johnson and the students say it will take time but as long as strong kids like Keaton speak up, the problem will be addressed.