After members of a republican congressional baseball team were shot by a gunman apparently upset over president trump's election, came calls for unity.

Walk inside a barber shop and you'll hear conversations on a wide variety of topics -- sports, jobs and -- often -- politics.

"There's been a lot of it lately," said David Duvall, a barber at Green Acres Barber Shop in Tyler.

"It's kind of heartbreaking, the things that are happening," Duvall said.

As the details came to light Wednesday, barbers and clients at Cuttin' Up Barber Shop were glued to the TV.

"Everybody needs to take a deep breath and reset because this makes no sense with all the things going on in this day and time," said Jack Jackson, a client of Cuttin' Up.

Ron Lewis, the shop's owner, says he hopes for constructive conversations -- like the ones in his shop.

"Everybody has a right to their own opinion," said Lewis. "Just respect the other person's opinion; treat people how you want to be treated; talk to people how you expect to be talked to."