JEFFERSON - Jefferson is known as 'the most haunted small town' in Texas. If someone said it was Halloween for one day only in Jefferson, Ann Leblanc would disagree. She said her house is a historical landmark and it's haunted.

"We hear voices of children," Leblanc said. "We hear footsteps up and down the stair case every night."

Leblanc has lived in the Claiborne house for three years and she said there is so much movement inside. She even has surveillance footage from the inside of her home one late night. She's convinced she saw a ghost wondering around.

"The paranormal team from Houston has been here three times," Leblanc said.

She's tried to communicate with these spirits. The homeowner said the paranormal team has been astonished how the 'spirits' behave in the house.

"They mess with us all the time, they all do," Leblanc said.

The Claiborne is a 'bed and breakfast' spot where people can stay. However, ghost do not seem to disturb the guest.

Every other house in the small town have its own haunting story.