WHITE OAK - Camryn Noll's dream is to meet Cinderella and Repunzel. She'll get to do that because her family is going to Disney World. The announcement was made during the last pep rally at White Oak High school.

Only a handful of people knew what was really going on for Noll. To everyone one else, it was another pep rally until it was time to grant the wish.

For three years of her life, Noll stayed in the hospital with countless treatments to take. It was becoming the norm to her. Her mother Candace will finally get to see her daughter enjoy life.

"It's pretty cool to see an organization that'll grant a wish," Candace said. "She gets to do something she loves. The characters, the trip. Something we haven't been able to do."

Since she was seven months old, Camryn was diagnosed with langerhans cell histiocytosis or LCH. Langerhans is type of white blood cell that can form tumors and damage organs. However, all that doesn't seem to phase Camyrn.

"Nothing stops her," Candace said.

Connie Harper is a volunteer with the Make a Wish foundation in East Texas. She became a family friend after hearing about Camryn's battle. Thanks to her, the Noll family will be leaving for Flordia.

"I always get emotional every time a little child gets their wish granted," Harper said.

It is believed that one out of 200 thousand kids are diagnosed with LCH. As for Camryn, she's been 'chemo free' for nine months.