WHITE OAK - When five Dallas police officers were killed in the line of duty last year, it pushed White Oak High School students like Victoria Babineaux to show support to law enforcement. She wanted show respect for "who's watching over us everyday."

"These people really put their lives out there everyday for us and what do we do to give back in return?" Babineaux asked.

The student council decided to sell t-shirts that said 'operation blue' to people. Eventually, they raised three thousand one hundred dollars. The money would go towards buying the police department 15 armored vests. Babineaux said this fundraiser was about 'backing up the entire community'.

Police said the vest are reinforced with steel. Each vest range around 200 dollars. The steel plates could withstand high caliber rounds in high stakes situations. Lt. Brannon Robertson said the vests can take a hit from weapons such as assault rifles and AK-47s. The next time White Oak officers respond to a dangerous situation, police will have an extra line of protection.

"It doesn't matter how old you are," Babineaux said. "You're old enough to make a difference, make them feel important for what they do."

Babineaux said she hopes it's a start for the student council to branch out and make a difference. The student council said they're planning another community project.