It’s the championship game everyone is talking about, the 2016 World Series between the underdogs Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians.

Tonight, an East Texas connection to the World Series in our very own backyard, Whitehouse.

“I do think it’s real cool to have an athlete come out of Whitehouse. And doing big things in the major leagues,” Whitehouse baseball player Zach Taylor.

“It’s really big you know, the World Series is like the biggest thing in baseball,” Whitehouse baseball player John Reyes said.

These guys on the Whitehouse baseball team will be watching the World Series this year now that one of their own, a former Wildcat, will be pitching on the field.

“With him coming from Whitehouse it kind of reminds me that anything is possible and that one of us can be doing the same as he is one day if we work hard enough,”

Josh Tomlin, baseball pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and now, on his way to possibly becoming a championship ring holder, but to Bobby Stroupe, who’s been training him for over a decade, he’s a homegrown guy.

“Really all of East Texas is behind Josh he's a great guy he's from Whitehouse he embodies everything that East Texas is about he gives East Texas a great read presentation in major league baseball,” Stroupe said.

Stroupe is Director of APEC Gym in Tyler, which trains athletes at the pro level. Tomlin is one of them, something Stroupe takes pride in.

“It’s no surprise to me what he's doing he's done all this before when lose or draw in the World Series we're proud as heck of him and just proud to be associated with a guy who works so hard,” Stroupe said.

Tucked away in Stroupe’s office is a signed photo.

“It says ‘Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams’… I don’t know what we did… but I’m proud of how far he’s come,” Stroupe said.

Achieving dreams, a message of hope Tomlin seems to still be spreading across his hometown.

“Knowing that someone came from Whitehouse, a little bitty town, not a huge population, it just shows anything can happen. Even we can get to that level if we work hard enough,” Reyes said.