WHITEHOUSE - On the night of the election, the Strong Bond watch party anticipates the voting results for their propositions. Patient would be an understatement for Scott Dillingham, a Whitehouse resident who voted in favor of the school district bond.

"So far, we've been really excited about the results, I think it sends a message," Dillingham said.

It's a message he believed that could benefit the school district for years to come. Dillingham said the vote for the bond is a way to show people that district leaders can be trusted.

"I think if you're a teacher, it says environment matters and we wanna give the we can," Dillingham said.

From Kindergarten to High school, Whitehouse has always been a part of Dillingham's life. He said he hopes the next generation will get to experience the benefits of the proposition.

There are two proposition voters could choose from. Proposition A is a 87 million dollar bond that will fund building renovations for the high school and new buildings for the middle and elementary school.

Proposition B will focus on creating a multi-purpose facility for indoor sports and funding for a football stadium improvements. Either way, it's a win-win to Dillingham.

"Either or addresses needs and that’s important," Dillingham said.

Overall, he said he believes the vote for the bond will help shape a student’s future.