It's fair to say Lovebugs truly live up to their name. They're seen together or swarming around a car. Take a trip from Tyler to Lufkin and a car is sure to be caked with those critters. Car washes were filled with customers who couldn't stand their vehicles littered with them. Christi Parons drove from Sherveport to Longview and her car was covered in lovebugs.

"It just had my car washed a couple of days ago," Parson's said.

Leighton Jahr manages a car wash in Longview and he said lovebugs can damage the paint on a car if its not washed off. Jahr said if people are not waxing and washing their cars, those insects will be difficult to get off. He said those 'flying couples' are acidic and the ones splattered on cars eat through the clear coating.

Lovebugs don't bite and sting humans. They're just here to mate. Entomologist in Overton said lovebugs live up to two to three days, but estimate its departure in a few weeks.