It wasn't just snow that was all around Longview; it came with bone chilling, icy conditions as temperatures in Longview dipped below freezing.Weather this cold usually keeps people indoors, but not for one man on a personal journey.

John Silos is looking to run a collective total of 1,000 miles, and he was out running during the storm.

"It's actually a lot better than the warm weather," Silos chuckled. "It actually feels warmer to me."

The weather Wednesday morning felt as if it was 13 degrees and that's far below freezing; however, it didn't seem to bother Silos. He was out at 6 a.m. running a lap around West Loop 281.

Silos and a few of his friends challenged each other to run a collective total of 1,000 miles by the end of 2018.

"I got to get in before they beat me," Silos said.

Running is an everyday routine for Silos, at times getting in as many as six miles around Longview. He figured running in the winter storm would better his chances to win.

Rain or shine, Silos is dedicated to win. He's not where he wants to be in the race, but he's on the right path.