Twitter hashtag #WomenWhoVoteTrump has found its way to East Texas. Women are expressing their support for Donald Trump.

Shelby Guidry and her grandmother Bonnie Seabourne are sticking with trump even after his statements on women.

"I'm not going to judge someone for something they said ten years ago," Trump supporter Shelby Guidry says. "Don't read my Facebook from ten years ago, it probably said all kinds of stuff."

Her grandmother wants change. "She's been in the political arena for over 30 years and what good have you heard come out of her administration, from her husband on down," Seabourne says.

With the election next month, Donald Trump has been on a rocky road, even with people in his own party. Supporters want them to come together.

"It can't help that they're not and it disappoints me that they are not because I love the Bushes," Seabourne says.

While Trump is becoming more popular among women, some do not share that opinion.

"I just don't believe him, he has no belief, when he speaks I feel like it is an episode of Saturday Night Live," Clinton supporter Lakeisha Jackson says.

Election day will determine America's voice. "He made of had a seedy past, but I think he has changed some, I'm just counting on him to do the things he said he would do for our government," Trump supporter Sharon Peddy says.