LONGVIEW - Don't tell someone it's a "sunny-beautiful day" after they've worked outdoors for hours most days of the week. Especially when one is a police officer like Kerry Higginbotham, who's always on the move, patrolling the city on his motorcycle. Higginbotham said it may appear he's hiding while working, but it's mostly him trying to find shade. He didn't want to admit, it becomes second nature when working under the sun.

"We like to work off our bikes as much as we can when we're moving," Higginbotham said.

Temperatures were at a high of 96 degrees in Tyler and Longview. However, the heat index indicated it would feel as if it was 108 degrees.

For the past for weeks, Chase Butler and his crew were applying new tiles to an apartment complex roof. Heat rises and they're up there for hours sometimes.

"The sun is beaming off the shingles and hitting you, it's hot up there," Butler said. "Keep fluids in your body, take breaks when you want them."

Not all "hot jobs" are outdoors. For Justin Hart, sometimes working the fire place at a barbeque restaurant can be just as hot as if he was outside.

"When you're working these pit rooms it's hard to stay cool," Hart said.

It's not an easy job, working in the heat. It's hot out there, but somebody has to do it.