Mental health professionals are working to help people control their video game habit.

Bobbi Burks is a counselor who specializes in addiction therapy.

"People do what they do to escape or avoid pain and we find that that's true with video games as well," Mental health counselor Bobbi Burks says.

Burks says anyone who plays more than 12 hours a day could be experiencing addiction, especially among young adults.

This disorder can cause social development problems among children and cause damage to family relationships.

Avid gamer Hannah Jones says video games are more about relaxation.

“I don't think people should always just jump to the conclusion because someone likes to play video games,” Jones says. It is not necessarily addiction, just something that makes them happy."

The video game industry brings in close to 100 billion a year and there are no signs of it slowing down.

If you know of someone with gaming disorder, experts advise contacting a licensed mental health professional. They have experience in breaking this habit.