Karter Whittenberg asked his mother to make him a special blanket, made from fire department t-shirts. That small request grew into something humongous after getting that and more. Karter has: hats, pictures, patches, helmets signed by his fireman heroes and even a small token from 9/11.

The eight-year-old was in the hospital dealing with a kidney disease when he made the request. Karter has C1Q Nephropathy Syndrome. His mother Christin said the C1Q protein in his body eats away at his kidneys. After posting on Facebook regarding her son's desire - that's when the gifts showed up.

Karter has t-shirts from around the world: New York, Chicago, Mexico and even Germany. The last time they checked, they had 400 shirts but they were still counting. All the gifts left Karter's father, Robert, speechless. He said his son has been made into honorary members of multiple fire departments.

"It's amazing when you see all this stuff and I couldn't be happier for him," Robert said. "The joy he gets out of opening every single package is worth a million words."

Since Karter's trip to the hospital, his family said he's doing better. They said the gifts from around the world put him good spirits. While the battle to overcome disease isn't easy, Karter said his basketball idol, Steph Curry, is his motivation to keep fighting. Even the Golden State fire department sent him a package.

"I've been wanting to play basketball for a long time," Karter said.

Even though Karter's health is stable, his family said he'll still need a kidney transplant. The Whittenberg family told CBS 19 they're planning a fire department tour this summer. Karter's family hopes to visit the stations they can, that made a contribution.

Since he has more than enough to make a blanket. Christin said 10 shirts can cost up to $300 for a small throw. They want to give Karter a king sized blanket. Those who wish to contribute to seeing Karter's blanket made can click here.