Two weeks ago, 14-year old Dalton Bigham took his own life after being bullied by classmates at school.

His mother, Monica Bigham, said that she hopes other bullied teens will learn from his death.

"You're not alone. You don't have to do this alone," Bigham said.

After notifying the school of the bullying, she said that the school conducted an investigation but found nothing conclusive.

That's why she hopes more will be done in future to prevent another child from thinking suicide is the only way out of a situation.

"If the school doesn't know it's happening, they can't fix it," Bigham said.

In response to Dalton's suicide, the superintendent released a statement saying in part:

I can assure you that the faculty and staff go above and beyond to love and care for all students striving daily to prevent correct and intervene on any instances which may be harmful to a student.