HALLSVILLE - Brandon Buck and Patricia Kelly were not expecting to be parents. However, they were counting the days they would finally meet their first born Emily. She wasn't born yet and she was already 'daddy's little girl' to Buck. They were parents ready to love their daughter.

"I was overwhelmingly happy," Buck said and Kelly was excited to be a mother.

Emily was born on March 5, premature at 5 months. The time they were together didn't last long. Kelly expressed how scared she was when she gave birth. The couple said their daughter suffered from hyperkalemia, the potassium in her blood was higher than normal.

"It's terrible knowing that your baby is hurting," Kelly said.

Buck, Kelly and Emily were together for only two days. The couple felt it was best to take their daughter off life support. The said said the felt torn apart.

"It's very difficult - having one day filling out her birth certificate form, couple of days later, filling out her death certificate form" Buck said.

However, if they could have one more day with Emily, the two would remind her how much they she was loved.

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