The Downtown Tyler Film Festival gives young filmmakers who are under the age of 18, a chance to showcase their work. To attendees like Traci Boyd, it's chance to expose her two sons a future they could venture into. Wanting whats best for her sons, she said she wouldn't want them to be limited into thinking they have to be older to do something.

"I just wanted them to see more of what's out there and what people are offering," Boyd said.

"Young night" is something filmmakers Grayson Lackey attributed his success to. He participated in the festival in 2015 and he's gone to make a living producing films. His first film won him the 'Best Texas film' and 'audience favorite'. Lackey encourages young aspiring filmmakers to pursue the world of cinema if it's truly a passion for them. He said start off filming with a phone then progress to better gear.

"Make something bad, learn from it and make it better," Lackey said.

As for Boyd's sons. They aspire to the be directors, actors and more. However, they still have time to figure out how they're going to achieve that.