Wildlife officials are paying close attention to a possible infestation of zebra mussels. They said it's not a matter 'if' it will be in East Texas waters but a matter of 'when'.

Dr. Randy Ott, the inland fisheries district leader in East Texas, said its similar to a barnacle and it could have an environmental impact to water recreation and supply. The Tyler Nature Center confirmed a small population was discovered in the Richland Chambers Reservoir and Lake Livingston. Populations have been confirmed in Dallas and Austin lakes. Dr. Ott said there is a solution to avoid mussels.

"We clean, we drain and we dry anything that we put in one body of water to another," Dr. Ott said. "Whether that's a boat, whether it's decoys that we use for hunting."

Ott said East Texans won't have to deal with zebra mussels during the winter. It's usually around during the Spring and Fall seasons. Since the temperatures haven't been too cool or hot, Dr. Ott said it's just right for reproduction.