Luskey's Ryon's Western Store on Main Street has shut down, and will soon reopen under the Cavender's name as part of a recent sale.

"It was very hard turning the lights off Saturday night," Mike Luskey said on Monday, before turning emotional.

The longtime owner, who controls the store with his cousin Alan and other family, said the decision to sell was really about "timing," and that they plan to continue to help manage the popular spot.

"This was started in 1919 by my great-grandfather," he said. "We've been known for doing custom work. Customer service. People can't find something, they come to us."

Alan says the family thought about selling earlier this year, and that it took a while to finalize the process.

"It really is a positive," he said. "With the area changing, it was just a great opportunity."

Cavender's is remodeling the interior and part of the exterior of the store, although they plan to keep the longstanding mural that has become a popular tourist attraction.

"We want to pay homage to the history, but also freshen up the building. We want to leverage a lot of the memorabilia, but also put a fresh look from Cavender's on our growth strategy," said Monica Rattay, the chain's vice president of operations.